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In the summer of 2011, Lei Langsheng came to Shenzhen with a few friends born in the 1980s whom he met online, and rented a small private house where there is no sunshine all day long. They formed a team of six and started the journey of mobile software development. Lei Langsheng said: "At that time, how to make money with a writing degreeour range of activities was less than 500 meters, and sometimes we worked overtime for more than 30 hours." Sophomore summer vacation was not over yet, and the first version of the team's first product, "Flashing Wizard" was officially launched for testing. . That night, six people were drunk at the barbecue stall near the small black house, and their depressed mood was released into tears.

Having this kind of love story will be beautiful and make you believe in fate. But you should also know that there are many homeboys and homegirls doing Taobao, because you have to focus; before you raise the order, everything is done by yourself, there are many trivial things, and not doing much will consume your day. , And often stay up late. The computer is your best companion, the courier is your most common friend, and Wangwang’s ding-dong sound is your favorite voice. This kind of life, 178 Wangzhuan forum, do you have time to find a girlfriend? Even if you have a girlfriend, if she is not doing Taobao with you, how much time do you have with your girlfriend? In recent years, there is another platform that has been very popular with everyone, that is, the fund disk, the first pot of gold is high-definition, it is claimed that as long as you invest a sum of money, without any promotion, you can receive a static income every day, and the final return It can go to a few hundred or even more than a thousand, how tempting it is! This kind of platform allows you to realize the freedom of wealth in minutes. Every day you only need to wear sunglasses, drive a Lamborghini and take one of your girlfriends to the beach on vacation. Thinking about it, I feel that the chickens are moving, but they are all eggs. This kind of platform is for the trader to achieve the peak of life. Ordinary players, no matter how you burn incense and worship Buddha, the platform will still be closed when you don’t know what day it is. A girlfriend will become someone else's girlfriend.

Is there any other way? Of course there is, that is, you have to record all the account numbers and passwords in the QQ private log, so that you can read them at any time so that you will not lose them. Of course, you must understand the importance of these accounts to you, so It must be placed in a private place. What's more, putting these accounts directly in the phone is really big!

Of course, if you still want to continue to operate and make money, there are still many things you can do. For example, the other tasks in the website I just recommended are not only experience making money, but also playing games to make money, and coding to make money. In short, There are so many projects, and money is always only given to those who operate and work hard.

This is one of the most critical principles and points among the many answers about the forbidden areas of part-time work. If you really want to make a hierarchical division within the company and lead to make money, then the senior management employees in the company are higher-level existences, followed by some basic newcomers who have just entered the company to do full-time work, and finally They are part-time workers. Although part-time workers may not have worked as long as full-time newcomers in the workplace, in fact they may not be able to compare with the former in terms of status recognition. It is for this reason that if If you want to make the later work process more smoothly, you must pay attention to listen to the opinions of others as much as possible, and don't ask questions randomly.

"Some time ago, Xiaohow to make money with a writing degreexiawangzhuan talked to you about how to make money from the media. At that time, I only introduced you from the general direction to make money from the media. In fact, many platforms have already helped you consider this issue. Settling in, as long as you have the information and what you write is valuable, you don't have to worry about making money.

Make money every day by looking at the news on the Qutoutiao official website. When you earn gold coins, the official website will automatically convert your gold coins into RMB the next day. The ratio of gold coins to RMB is 10,000 gold coins = 5 cents. Of course, sometimes It is 60 cents, and the exchange ratio is allocated based on the advertising revenue of Qutoutiao's official website.

If you have a good literary talent, you can write some articles in your spare time, either short articles or long serialized online novels. You can not only practice writing style, but also earn manuscript fees.

1. The market sells snacks. Various snacks are very popular, such as Guilin braised noodles, Yunnan bridge rice noodles, Tianjin Goubuli steamed buns, etc. They are very popular among the masses. If you sell specialty snacks according to the tastes of the locals, it is stable Making money is for sure.