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Category Rock/Pop, R&B, Rap, East Coast Rap

Product Description

The man behind it was serving a 28-month prison sentence for tax evasion when it saw release, but after many delays, the sequel to Ja Rule’s 2001 break-out album finally arrived in 2012. Pain Is Love, Vol. 2 features producers from the original Pain Is Love album along with the singles “Falling to Pieces” and “Spun a Web.”

Recording information: Area 51; CHS Studio; Daddy’s House; Seven’s Room.

Track Listing

  1.  Intro (Fuck Fame) (Feat. Leah Siegal)                          2:33
  2.  Real Life Fantasy (Feat. Anita Louise)                         3:38
  3.  Prachute (Feat. Leah Siegal)                                   3:23
  4.  Superstar (Intro)                                              0:16
  5.  Superstar                                                      4:54
  6.  Black Vodka                                                    5:01
  7.  Drown (Feat. Somong And Kenny Dark)                            4:40
  8.  Never Had Time (Feat. Jon Doe)                                 3:15
  9.  Strange Days (Feat. 700 And Ramzo)                             2:44
  10. To The Top (Feat. Kalina Of Dirty Money)                       3:28
  11. Pray 4 The Day (Feat. Leah Siegal)                             3:12
  12. Believe                                                        2:57
  13. Spun A Web (Feat. Amia)                                        3:51



FREE DOWNLOAD: Ja Rule "Pil 2" (FULL ALBUM) 2012