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Product Description

As the title indicates, STILL GHETTO pretty much picks up where Jaheim left off with his previous album GHETTO LOVE. Once again we find the singer deftly mixing street-real themes and hip-hop production techniques with slow-jam R&B tracks and soulful vocalizing. Despite his hard-guy front, Jaheim mostly comes off as a Love Man, as on “Put That Woman First” and his leather-and-lace deut with Mary J. Blige “The Beauty and the Thug.” Even though STILL GHETTO finds him enough of a softie to have children’s voices chiming in on his tunes, the street side will out; Jaheim may be one of the few contemporary singers capable of pulling off a romantic ode entitled “Me and My “B*tch,” for example.

With his 2001 debut album he brought together sexy, soulful R&B with hardcore hip-hop and scored big time as the album went platinum. He sticks with the same ingredients for his 2002 release. Guest artists include Mary J. Blige, Tha Rayne & Duganz. Warner Bros.

Track Listing

  • Diamond in Da Ruff
  • Fabulous
  • Put That Woman First
  • Beauty And A Thug
  • Me And My Bitch
  • Back Tight
  • Special Day
  • Long As I Live
  • Interlude
  • Everywhere I Am
  • Tight Jeans
  • Whut You Want
  • Every Which Way
  • Still Ghetto


FREE DOWNLOAD:  Jaheim “Still Ghetto CD” (FULL ALBUM)