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NEW MUSIC/ FREE DOWNLOAD: R. Kelly “Write Me Back” (FULL ALBUM) Deluxe Edition 2012


Already boasting a number one R&B/Hip-Hop single in the form of “Share My Love” — a breezy throwback to mid-’70s disco-soul — Write Me Back is R. Kelly’s 12th studio album. The artist has referred to it as a sequel to 2010’s Love Letter with elements of older albums from his discography. Released just a year after throat surgery, Write Me Back arrives amid a flurry of activity, including a memoir, a raunchier in-development album (Black Panties), new chapters in the Trapped in the Closet saga, and soundtrack work for the remake of Sparkle.

Arranger: R. Kelly.

Recording information: MilkBoy The Studio, Philadelphia, PA; Sylvester Stone Studios, Chicago, IL; The Chocolate Factory, Chicago, IL.


1. R. Kelly – Love Is (Write Me Back)
2. R. Kelly – Feelin’ Single (Write Me Back)
3. R. Kelly – Lady Sunday (Write Me Back)
4. R. Kelly – When A Man Lies (Write Me Back)
5. R. Kelly – Clipped Wings (Write Me Back)
6. R. Kelly – Believe That It’s So (Write Me Back)
7. R. Kelly – Fool For You (Write Me Back)
8. R. Kelly – All Rounds On Me (Write Me Back)
9. R. Kelly – Believe In Me (Write Me Back)
10. R. Kelly – Green Light (Write Me Back)
11. R. Kelly – Party Jumpin’ (Write Me Back)
12. R. Kelly – Share My Love (Write Me Back)
13. R. Kelly – Beautiful In This Mirror (Bonus Track) (Write Me Back)
14. R. Kelly – You Are My World (Bonus Track) (Write Me Back)
15. R. Kelly – Fallin From The Sky (Bonus Track) (Write Me Back)
16. R. Kelly – One Step Closer (Bonus Track) (Write Me Back)

FREE DOWNLOAD: R. Kelly  “Write Me Back” (FULL ALBUM)  Deluxe Edition