Here you’ll find frequently asked questions. Please search the list below before emailing us. Thanks.

Q:How do I download the content?

A: simply click the download button/image. For some downloads an ad may appear, in which case, click skip ad which will be shown after five seconds and located in the right hand corner. For most downloads the download will appear and all you have to do is click save. As of April we’ve been using hulkshare so a separate page/tab will open and simply click the download button. Look at the figures below. (click to enlarge)


Q: Are your downloads legal?

A: DiggWhat post mp3 downloads for and from the sake and perspective of fans. We do not profit from the downloads and offer them with trust that our viewers are also fans and are not profiting from them. They are intended for personal use. DW encourages our viewers to support the arts/artists by legally purchasing their works. We believe that our site helps promote people and their work(s). For more info visit our legal page. Please note: DiggWhat.com serves as an index of other website’s contents solely for promotional purposes only. We do not store any music or video files onto our servers. Visitors are redirected to another website in which they’ll have the opportunity to listen to and/or download these artist’s music.

Q: Can I submit my works to DiggWhat.com?

A: We would love for you to! Shoot us an email with your (or your artist’s) work. Or if you simply would like to suggest something cool you can email us too. contact[at]diggwhat.com. Be sure to include about two publicity photos, links to the downloads, short bio, artist’s website/facebook/youtube/blog etc.

Q: I like whats going on with DW, and feel that I can offer something great, can I join the team?

A: We are always looking for motivated folks to add to the team, and encourage all interested people to check out the Jobs Page and see what we are looking for.

Q: The download link did not work, when will it be fixed?

A: We’ll fix it as soon as we know about it, the fastest way to notify us that the download link is broken, is by leaving a comment on that particular page stating the problem. It’ll be fixed as soon as we get the message. Normally, that’s within’ 24hrs or sooner.

Q: How often is new content posted?

A: We strive for Daily and lately we’ve been good on Posting something each day. We send EVERYTHING we post to OUR FACEBOOK page so you can “like” us and be updated all the time. or just add this site to your frequently visited sites and check often. If you feel you could post more often, Please join our team.

Q: I’m looking for a particular artist, why aren’t they on DW?

A: If you’re looking for a particular group or artist that you think would fit well on DiggWhat, please contact us.

Q: I sent an email to DW, how do I know that it was received?

A: Have a little faith in the electronic world. Chances are, we have received it, and sending multiple emails will not speed up a response, in fact, it may just slow it down. If you have emailed us using the form on the contact page I can assure you that your message was recived.

Q: I really like this site, How can I show my support?

A: easy, Spread the word on your social networking sites (myspace, facebook, twitter etc.) and let everyone know how cool you think we are witha link back to the site. You can also support this site by purchasing a T-Shirt from the STORE and by shoping with our affiliated retailers seen on the store page.

Q: How often does DiggWhat hold contests?

A: We don’t have a set pattern. Contest and Giveaways are pretty random. If you would like us to hold a giveaway for your product, you can contact us.

*this page will be updated as questions comes in… and are frequent. if we did not answer your question above please contact us.